After Dark

Ice Cream

Your Horoscope is here...

The Spoon, planet of cutlery, connects with Ice Cream, planet of bliss…

Will it be the Capricorn Caramel? Maybe Sagittarius Strawberry? Fate is yours to decide.

12 Zodiac signs. 12 Stellar flavors. Shop now. 

Our Flavors

  • Aries Apple Pie
  • Taurus Toffee
  • Gemini Gingerbread
  • Cancer Coffee Swirl
  • Leo Key Lime
  • Virgo Vanilla
  • Libra Lemon Cake
  • Scorpio Sugar Cookie
  • Sagittarius Strawberry
  • Capricorn Caramel
  • Aquarius Almond Nut
  • Pisces Pistachio

Late-night snacking has never tasted this good.

Let’s face it: when the stars come out, so does your appetite. We know there’s no worse feeling than leaving your midnight cravings unfulfilled. Cue our founding in 2019.

At After Dark, we believe in filling the void. With ice cream. So we created desserts so out of this world, you’ll need a spacesuit.

Each of our unique flavors is crafted with a zodiac sign in mind, so everyone ends the night with a smile (even the Geminis). 

Season of the scorpio

This November we’re celebrating our passionate and loyal friends by offering a discount on one of our signature flavors. Post using #AfterDarkScorpio to get 25% off your next pint of Scorpio Sugar Cookie.

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